Cedrob S.A. brands

Cedrob S.A. is the largest producer of poultry meat.

We offer a wide selection of goose meat, including deep-frozen carvings for raw goose meat under the Krakauerland brand.

Cedrob Pasze specialises in the production of the high quality complete and complementary compound feeds for poultry and pigs.

We are a provider of fuel, patrol and gas, either for the heating purposes or vehicles.

The high quality of Polish feathers and down from geese and ducks is known and appreciated all over the world.

Gobarto S.A. brands

Gobarto S.A. is a vertically integrated meat processing holding company, which operates in the pork and game markets and focuses on the breeding, purchase, slaughter, cutting and packing of livestock and...

Gobarto Dziczyzna is a company specializing in the purchase and processing of game: deer, wild boar, roe deer and fallow deer.

Silesia S.A. brands

Are you looking for a tasty change to pork meats? Do you value high quality products? Cedrob brand meats are just for you!

Kurna Półka offers Polish poultry products with a simple composition. 100% chicken, without unnecessary additives. The delicate taste of poultry meat is emphasized by a carefully composed mixture of spices.

Poultry and pork delicious hams, loins, delicatessen products.

Out of love for Polishness and what is ours, native, the Duda Nasza Polskie brand of products was created. These are delicious meats for those who are looking for unique flavors, high quality and convenient...

Our ready-made meals "Ready from the Shelf" are a proposition for active people who do not always have time to prepare meals from scratch.