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Gobarto S.A. is a vertically integrated meat processing holding company.

This business operates in the pork and game markets and focuses on the breeding, purchase, slaughter, cutting and packing of livestock and game in various product lines delivered to customers across Poland and in over a dozen other European, Asian (Hongkong, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan), African (Liberia, Ivory Coast, Kongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo), North-American (Canada, Haiti) and South-American (Chile) countries. The key sectors in Gobarto's business profile include the plant sector (grains), the animal sector (livestock), the production sector and the commercial sector.

Apart from production and sales, Gobarto provides services in the deep freezing, storage and shipping of foods that require dedicated cooling equipment. Gobarto's distribution services are operated by branches of Makton.

Gobarto Dziczyzna is a valued company which purchases and processes game, including stag, boar, roe deer and fallow deer. The brand carries a wide range of game products: from deep-frozen carvings to raw meat and processed products under the Hunter Wild brand”.

Gobarto is a member of the dynamic Polish association Polish Meat.