Our priority is a constant improvement of the quality of products that are made using modern and specialised equipment which is the subject to frequent modernization. Because customer satisfaction is the most important to us, we are highly motivated to provide the highest possible level of product quality.

Due to our knowledge, practice and honest work over the years, we have become a reliable partner in business and a good employer. We strive to provide the best possible working conditions. When the company began its operations, we employed nearly 200 workers. There are currently over 7,000 employees, and we plan to continue growing this team. To attract and retain employees, we offer a comprehensive employee benefits package, some additional perks, such as the gym or swim passes, and provide access to training.

We follow an extremely important strategy of sustainable development. All activities within the concept involve supporting environmental protection, including, among others, processing and recovery of raw materials, especially packaging. We have invested in the construction of a biogas plant near the plant in Ujazdówek, which enables waste processing generated during the manufacturing process into natural fuel, i.e. biogas.

In line with our mission, we are also involved in numerous actions and initiatives that bring social benefits and support development. It is very important for us to preserve traditions and patriotic values. As a result of our business activities, we display integrity towards our customers and contractors, because in the long term it is this feature that is a truly solid foundation for the company's operations. The main strategic elements of our development are progress and changes for the better.