The Cedrob Group is the leading producer of poultry and a leading producer of livestock.

It focuses on constant development and the improvement of its activity profile. It invests in those branches of the food industry that possess the best perspectives for development and the highest profitability.

Those entities within the Cedrob Group portfolio possess a wide array of mutually complementary services and production capacities. The categorization of the entities within the Cedrob Group results from the multi-year history of Cedrob S.A., all of which constitutes the core of the Group and the roots of which go back to the beginning of the 1990s.

Cedrob S.A.

This is a fully integrated poultry company based solely on Polish capital.

From the beginning of its activities in 1991 it has continued to develop very dynamically. Nowadays it is one of the largest meat producers in Poland – leading in the production of poultry.

With over 25 years of experience according to the principle “from the seed to the table” (in other words: from feed production, chicken hatching, farming, to obtaining high quality final products), the company is able to control the quality of its products at every stage of the production process.

The current levels of modern technology at Cedrob S.A. is based on numerous innovative solutions. In practice, this means extensive investments in the development and modernization of the plants and the constant enhancement of all implemented technologies.

The solutions used by Cedrob S.A. form an unequalled pattern for many competing entities, even those of foreign origin. One can boldly state that the company is a precursor in the use of modern methods for production organization.

The production strategy is implemented in a number of ways, such as through providing high quality chickens and their feeds, the latter being manufactured at the Feed Production Plant, established in 2007.

Cedrob Feeds

The production facilities in Gumowo, Raciąż and Rypin operate within the Cedrob Feeds structure, and are among the most modern, fully automated feed production plants in Poland. Each facility is equipped with two manufacturing lines to produce bulk and granulated feeds, grain dryers and the most modern laboratories. In addition, Cedrob Feeds successfully deals with the contract purchasing of cereals, while the attractive and guaranteed pricing the volume turnover in cereals and feeds continues to dynamically and systematically grow with each passing year.

Gobarto S.A.

The dynamic development of the company, spread over the years, resulted in the creation of economic conditions that allowed the extension of its activity, resulting in the purchase of a majority shareholding in Gobarto S.A. (previously: Polski Koncern Mięsny Duda S.A.). The latter is the largest Polish company dealing with the slaughter and cutting of red meat, and comprises 30 companies in the agricultural and food industries based throughout Poland, Ukraine and Germany.

Cedrob Passau GmBH

The efforts of the Cedrob Group in the EU market is assisted by CEDROB Passau GmbH, which successfully implements the company development strategy. The synergy of the profiles of the individual entities and use of their potential constitutes a solid basis for the construction of an organization that is open to development and the taking on of new market segments.

The Cedrob Group is a modern and constantly developing entity 

The result of such broad production capacities, and the systemic approach to the control of all the meat processing and production stages, is high quality products and a large group of satisfied customers. The company has many years of experience in dealing with meat processing, resulting in high quality poultry products being sold under the Cedrob brand and pork products under the Gobarto brand. These products are delivered to the customer through traditional meat wholesalers, new distribution channels and the network of company stores.

By introducing innovative solutions, the company opens itself up to market needs, and successfully meets the expectations. The multi-year knowledge and experience allow the company to implement its mission and propagate its resources.

The Cedrob Group as a responsible partner

The Cedrob Group exists in symbiosis with several hundred companies throughout Poland, including those from a variety of different fields. With its products reaching dozens of countries in the world, it also plays the role of ambassador for the Polish economic sector.