The Cedrob Group pays considerable attention to its social responsibility. It is not indifferent to what happens after the products are sold; thus it has been involved in numerous civic campaigns and initiatives since its beginning.

 Care for the environment

 The Cedrob Group cooperates with over a dozen companies working on environmental protection and the implementation of the most modern technologies in the field. These companies include entities responsible for the development of technologies for wastewater treatment plants, laboratory research, inspection of harmful emissions and the processing and recovery of raw materials, including packaging.

One of the most valuable solutions is the biogas plant installed at the plant in Ujazdówek. This plant processes its production waste in such a way as to obtain a clean biogas fuel. This not only provides energy benefits, the processing takes place at the site where the waste is produced. This avoids the need to transport the waste to disposal sites, which is expensive and harmful to the environment. At the same time, an easier to manage fertilizer is obtained, enriched with mineral components.

Of special importance for the Cedrob Group is maintaining the high levels of environmental protection required by the agreements made with the local residents prior to the introduction of every new investment. A good example is the construction of a chicken farm in Kownaty Borowe, where after numerous meetings with the residents, who were initially against the investment, a building permit for the farm was obtained by making and keeping pledges on limiting its harmful effect on the environment.

Cedrob making friendly neighbourhoods

For years, Cedrob has tried to remain the leading company in the application of good neighbourhood principles for those areas adjacent to every plant and company. This is achieved partly by maintaining a constant dialogue and partnership with local societies. The company aims to create durable and positive relationships with local governments and other entities in the northern part of Mazowsze and similar regions where it has a presence.

There are three areas of key importance for the social engagement of the company: supporting education and development of entrepreneurship, serving the needs of equal opportunities and caring for the maintenance of patriotic values. These are the basics upon which the long-term strategy for the social involvement of the company is built. Thus far, the Mazowsze region, especially its northern part, constitutes the main neighbourhood for Cedrob's activities. Along with the general development of the group, this active social presence has also been extended. In providing working places for thousands of people, the company has become involved in many areas outside the company, which also concerns the daily lives of its employees. For these reasons, Cedrob has been an active participant in numerous civic campaigns and initiatives since its beginning.

The company board holds regular meetings with the representatives of local governments, school principals, local childcare facilities and sports facilities. Priests from the parishes of the areas neighbouring the plants also constitute important partners in these discussions. This indicates the active involvement of the company in the life of local society. Cedrob is also involved in the support of activities directed at children and youths, aimed at maintaining national remembrance and tradition, as well as education development. For 25 years, representatives of the Board of Directors of the group have remained faithful to the values they were provided with in their family homes, which is respect for the family, the Christian faith, and the heritage of “Solidarność” and independence movements.

Social activity

Being the largest employer in northern Mazowsze, Cedrob S.A. pays considerable attention to its presence in the life of local societies. The company organizes numerous cultural and educational actions in the gminas and schools of the Cechanów, Mława and Przasnysz areas. These actions include annual holiday-themed competitions, aimed at cultivating rich Polish traditions. For several years now, the company has also conducted a scholarship program: “Investment in the region - investment in the youth” (“Inwestycja w region – inwestycja w młodzież”). Its finalists are provided with a scholarship up to a total amount of PLN 3600 during the school year and summer holidays.

Our employees can count on the help of the company, especially in the case of tragic events such as floods, hurricanes or diseases. People who face such tragedies are provided with financial aid from Cedrob. Furthermore, the company has not forgotten about the need for its employees to keep physically fit – it finances swimming pools, fitness or gym passes and even hires gymnasiums for team games.

The company, through its involvement in the maintenance of local culture in those areas of the previous Ciechanów voivodeship, has supported the activity of the Museum of Masovian Village (Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej) in Sierpc, the Museum of Small Towns (Muzeum Małego Miasta) in Bieżuń and the Krzysztof Kluka Agricultural Museum in Ciechanowiec. Cedrob systematically supports the total of over one hundred institutions. These include local educational and governmental facilities, also those located farther away from Ciechanów, such as the Foundation for the Dialogue of Culture and Religion (Fundacja Dialogu Kultury i Religii) in Warsaw, the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, and the Alpine Club in Toruń.

Grant competition “We support development”

What is more, Cedrob works for those institutions involved in projects devoted to science, education, sports and culture, as well as those conducting actions of a social character. The “We support development” (“Wspieramy rozwój”) competition was created for them, with the aim of financing their initiatives. In 2017, the company selected 54 winning projects out of close to 1100 applications. The total grant pool, which were awarded in PLN 5, 10, 20 and 30 thousand amounts, was PLN 700,000.

Poland’s largest meat producer

The Cedrob Group is the leading producer of poultry and a leading producer of pigs. It focuses on constant development and the improvement of its activity profile. It invests in those branches of the food industry that possess the best perspectives for development and the highest profitability.

The Cedrob Group as a responsible partner

The Cedrob Group exists in symbiosis with several hundred companies throughout Poland, including those from a variety of different fields. With its products reaching dozens of countries in the world, it also plays the role of ambassador for the Polish economic sector.