Proven partnership in business

The Cedrob Group exists in symbiosis with several hundred companies throughout Poland, including those from a variety of different fields. With its products reaching dozens of countries in the world, it also plays the role of ambassador for the Polish economic sector.

Cedrob S.A. is synonymous with the idea of a proven and reliable business partner. The company cooperates with numerous Polish organisations in different fields, including suppliers of equipment and maintenance of the same, research entities as well as other service providers. Cedrob cooperates with several thousand farms throughout Poland, most of which are suppliers of cereal and buyers of finished feeds.

One of the basic principles included in the agreements made by Cedrob with farmers is a constant, predetermined price. The responsible approach of the company guarantees the suppliers a fixed rate for selling yields, allowing Cedrob to plan long-term activities based on these predetermined pricing parameters. Cedrob works closely with a group of several hundred breeders on a contracting basis, which involves predetermined chicken and feed sale conditions and livestock purchase. Analogous agreements in the field of chicken deliveries also constitute the basis for cooperation with two companies from Slovakia and one from Hungary.

Cooperation with local companies

The history of Cedrob’s development demonstrates that the constant introduction of new technological solutions has a positive influence on the development of numerous local and national business partners. Cedrob S.A. has invested almost PLN 760m since the early days, the vast majority of which have been supplied to Polish economic entities, as this Ciechanów-based company prefers to use local materials and Polish entrepreneurs.

Cedrob’s economic patriotism

Every year, Cedrob S.A pays out millions of zlotys in taxes and official fees into the state and local budgets, through such channels as CIT and PIT as well as agricultural, forestry and estate taxes.

In the 2012-2015 period, the corporate income tax that Cedrob S.A. paid amounted to PLN 17.2m, while personal income tax was PLN 31.3m. Following the Act of 13 November 2003 on the income of local governments, approx. 7% of the CIT and 38% of the PIT was diverted to local government budgets.

In the case of the forestry, agricultural and estates taxes for Cedrob S.A., since 2000 the budgets of the city and gmina offices were supplied with over PLN 19 m, with almost PLN 3 m in 2016 alone. From 2017, in relation to three new investments by the company, the taxable amounts will increase annually to almost PLN 4m. These amounts continue to grow at least twelve to fifteen percent per annum.

Did you know that...

In 2016, a total of over 1 million tonnes of Polish poultry was exported, plus over 780,000 tonnes of pork (source: Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics).

Poland’s largest meat producer

The Cedrob Group is the leading producer of poultry and a leading producer of pigs. It focuses on constant development and the improvement of its activity profile. It invests in those branches of the food industry that possess the best perspectives for development and the highest profitability.