Cedrob S.A. is the largest Polish producer of poultry meat, chicks and animal feed.

It is the core business unit of the Cedrob Group. It is a fully  integrated poultry business based entirely on Polish stock. Since its  founding in 1991, Cedrob S.A. has observed dynamic growth, becoming the  largest and leading Polish producer in its sector.

It is the core business unit of the  Cedrob Group. It is a fully integrated poultry business based entirely  on Polish stock. Since its founding in 1991, Cedrob S.A. has observed  dynamic growth, becoming the largest and leading Polish producer in its  sector.

Over 28 years of production experience made us to  implement the closed-loop production cycle. The philosophy “from field to the table”  means that we control each stage of obtaining meat. We adhere to high European production standards, therefore, our fresh chicken meat always maintains the highest freshness and its tenderness. It allows us to delight our customers with fresh and properly prepared meat.

We offer a wide selection of poultry meat – chicken, hen, duck and goose, either fresh or frozen, whole products and its elements, which are available in Poland, as well as in over 50 countries – in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The fulfilment of requirements associated with Halal production results in full satisfaction of customers who live under Sharia law. The tradition of Muslim countries, which is not fully known in our country, is clear and fully understood to us. Therefore, we hold a certificate which allows us to conduct ritual slaughter of animals, in compliance with Halal rules.

Our structure includes breeding farms, hatcheries, fatteries, feed production plants, poultry production plants and fuel trading business unit.

The production flow at the Cedrob Group starts with our integrated breeding farms. This guarantees 100-percent safety and superior quality of the chicks. Hatching eggs are incubated at our hatcheries in Pawłowo and Skarżynek. The combined production capacity is 250 mln chicks per annum. In 2019 the new hatchery in Kossobudy is going to be launched, which overall capacity will reach 266 mln chicks per annum.

The chicks are moved from our hatcheries to our farms. The chicken fatteries are 90% owned by Cedrob's shareholders. This guarantees on-time chick delivery to the slaughterhouses. Cedrob S.A. closely cooperates with live poultry producers to source broilers, stewing and meat fowl, and oat geese. From this point of view Cedrob Group is a complementary system of commercial enterprises. The current hen house production floor is 1,4 mln m2 in which only for the purposes of the slaughterhouses in Ujazdówek there are placed 191 mln of broilers per annum.

The live poultry raisers who sell their product to Cedrob S.A. source the feed from the Feed Production Department – Cedrob Pasze - operating in integration with Cedrob since 2007. Cedrob Pasze runs one of the most advanced and automatic feed processing plants in Poland, located in Gumowo, Raciąż, Rypin and Ligota Dolna, with a total production capacity of 1,75 mln tons per annum. The Feed Production Plants in Gumowo, Rypin, Raciąż and Ligota Dolna provide a wide range of feed mixes for poultry and livestock. Overall production and sales of feed in 2018 reached 1,1 mln tons.

Our great meat production figures are driven by five state-of-the-art facilities. Meat production at the Cedrob Group reach the highest industrial standards, for the best quality and marketing of products just about anywhere in the world. The innovative processing solutions at our poultry slaughterhouses position Cedrob among the industry leaders in global growth.

The slaughterhouses’ total daily output reaches 1 mln broilers, 60k stewing hens and 15k geese.

Since its founding Cedrob has been engaging in several social, cultural and educational initiatives in the region.

The company organizes numerous cultural and educational actions not only in the local areas, but also nation-wide. The company conducts a grant program “We support development” (“Wspieramy rozwój”), promoting the initiatives and organizations beneficial for the society, as well as the scholarship program for the youth in our region. We cooperate with numerous institutions of public profit – academic organizations, schools, parishes, associations and foundations. Our company promotes creativity of the youngsters from the region, including our employees’ children, initiating various artistic competitions. During Christmas time Cedrob founds food gifts for the families in need.